Independent Assessments

Articulating the business process technology problem(s) and impacts of solutions & potential benefits

Organisations, regardless of position on the “maturity profile” can benefit from independent assessment – whether it is to help fully articulate problems, or to or to create a baseline for improvement, or even just to validate existing performance (“we’re doing ok”).

The primary benefits of any independent assessment are that it can remove the potential subjectivity and prejudicial views held internally, create a foundation for measurable future growth and bring quantifiable improved performance against an agreed baseline.

Satisfying management control, creating positive employee experience and ensuring beneficial customer relationships, are at the heart of our thinking when undertaking the Discovery phase ...

Our fact-based approach is to undertake an initial ‘discovery’ phase during which we are able to quickly elucidate a deep understanding of the operation...

... conducting structured interviews and consulting with all organisational levels to develop a balanced view; this includes business sponsors, stakeholders, end-users and we may even extend this review to include your customers and/or your software/ systems providers (by agreement) )
... ‘shadowing’ the field employees collecting real-time data on their activities, and anecdotal evidence from the ‘coal-face’
... reviewing operational KPIs and metrics, key system documentation, assessing process adherence levels, data quality, communication effectiveness.

During Discovery, we continually and iteratively refine our views on ‘service maturity’, we identify hot-spots that require immediate attention (triage) and/ or can bring immediate benefit or operational stability. In parallel, we gain insight into the challenges faced by the business, the business aspirations and can (depending on the assignment) identify foundation opportunities for developing a robust “roadmap for change”.

We often find the “discovery” phase to be enlightening and surprising !

Depending on the need, the Discovery phase can be fast-tracked into “operational triage”, which can be focussed on specific target problem areas (e.g. poor process adherence, low data quality levels, people engagement and buy-in)

Our experience shows that organisations are having to ‘squeeze more from less’ and work smarter not harder (old clichés, but nevertheless, true).

The outcomes and next steps beyond Discovery are naturally dependent upon the assignment and no two assignments are the same. Nevertheless, an independent assessment allows our clients to make informed decisions on future business investments. Quite often, we find organisations need time to themselves to contemplate the outputs and to decide upon the best course of action. Whether or not an organisation takes the Discovery outputs forward is entirely down to them; however, we do like to believe that the Discovery insights help and support organisations to evolve and improve incrementally.

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