Interim Management

“Its not working, we need immediate interim assistance”

Managing continually high-volume workloads with a busy mobile field workforce in real-time can be stressful and may also unwittingly overstretch an organisation. The operation becomes reactionary with fire-fighters. Whilst this can be appropriate, it is not sustainable in the medium to long-term. The consequences can be demoralising as an operation enters a tailspin with no apparent way to break the cycle.

Recognising and acknowledging these symptoms is the first step towards creating a healthier operation. Accepting that external assistance and support is required can also be a difficult, yet necessary, step.

By providing interim assistance, we bring calm, objectivity and structure to an underperforming operation. How we do this depends on the client, their specific circumstances and the nature of the problems. Nevertheless, our iterative approach can be applied to many situations. At the commencement of any such assignment, we set clear transition goals and timescales to ensure knowledge-transfer to the internal organisation and resources is completed effectively.

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