Programme Delivery

MFSM are skilled and experienced in shaping new, and revitalising faltering, mobile service delivery programmes; we provide the “glue” !

Mobile field operations literally touches on many, if not all, areas of an enterprise from the 'man-in-the-van' on the front-line through to Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, HR and Finance in the ‘back-office’.

Consequently, it is one of, if not the, most complex environments to manage. The inter-relationships between people, process, data and enabling technology, coupled with extended communication channels to geographically dispersed and mobile end-users bring a plethora of challenges. If you have experienced a CRM deployment, then you will understand why delivering a successful mobile service operations delivery programme is more complex.

Programmes to improve or transform mobile field operations are, therefore, inherently complex and require a high degree of skill, experience and knowledge to be measurably successful.

Underestimating the enormity of such programmes is a common trap, and escaping from ‘trouble’ can be both difficult and daunting. Using in-house and/or home-grown 'experts' to transform the business may bring prejudiced and jaundiced views as well as allowing existing malpractice to prevail into the new world, resulting in anticipated business benefits not being fully realised.

With our experience of managing and rescuing significant and complex programmes, we can work with you in a number of ways - to design and establish a strategic continuous improvement programme, to deliver a specific project or workstream within a wider programme, or alternatively we resuscitate faltering in-flight delivery programmes by bringing focus and momentum.

To support faltering in-flight programmes, we identify the programme risks and weak-points, such as supplier relationships, poor governance, inadequate communication, insufficient resourcing, technical and functional design, nature and extent of business change, and find pragmatic solutions to put the programme back on course and ensure positive outcomes.

For new initiatives, MFSM can bring experience and insight into developing requirements from across the enterprise, translating them into a suitable business case including (for example) management of third party vendors, facilitating technical and business solution design activities and bringing shape to the ensuing delivery programme.

Our style is to get involved, to become the ‘glue’ that brings, and holds, the mobility programme together.

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